Miles “ tails” prower


  • #TAILS is not just a digital currency; it's also a symbol of passion and adventure. Just like #TAILS soaring into the sky with twirling tails, you too can reach for prosperity and exploration with this token. Don't miss this unique opportunity.
  • TAILS token is an opportunity for you to own a piece of this magic beyond the virtual world. With the widespread popularity and fanbase of the Sonic universe, TAILS is not just a token but also an emblem of passion and belief. Purchasing TAILS is not just an investment in a digital currency, but a chance to become part of a community driven by passion and curiosity for Sonic.


Holographic Crown
Telegram App
Simple Twitter Icon
Lightning Bolt Icon

Token Supply:

1,000,000,000 #TAILS

Decorative Hand Drawn Waves


  • Team no token
  • TAX 0/0
  • 31% Liquidity
  • 20% Buy back

Minimal frame in circle


  • Website Launch
  • Socials created Presale on Pinksale
  • 1000+ Holders
  • Dextools Update
Abstract Shape Background Frame

Phase 3

  • Top 5 cex listing
  • 100m$ Cap
  • Marketing
  • 10k holder



  • Dex listing
  • Marketing
  • CMC/CG listing
  • 5m$ volume
  • Dextool trending

Decorative Green Wavy Shape

Miles "Tails" Prower

Ramadan symbol decoration